Canadian Role in Cold Wars

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Canada’s Role

1945, The Gouzenko affair was the official mark of the beginning of the Cold War for Canada. Igor Gouzenko, a young clerk working with the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa had got hold of information that proved there was a Soviet spy ring. Canada was infested with Soviet spies trying to find a trace of coalition with the US. The spies uncovered that in fact Canada was selling Uranium to the US. From that point on Canada was riding the in passenger seat next to the US. Once Canada got its feet wet in the Cold War pool, the next process was to build a Radar Station to detect any Soviet air forces. The cost was covered by the US and they hired many Canadian labourers and used joint responsibility by the Canadian Air Force and the US Air Force. When war broke out between North and South Korea, the Canadians proved their loyalty to the UN by following their orders and supported their goals. The NATO also kept Canadians busy by having to keep a full army brigade and several air squadrons together constantly, the NATO asked a lot of Canadians and they came through.


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