Cuban Missile Crisis – 1962

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

The cold war commended the two super powers (The United States and The Soviet Union) to expand their alliances. By doing so, these nations were given the abilities to store mass nuclear weapons all across the globe. Aerial surveillance revealed over 80 Soviet nuclear arms – along with a large squad of aircraft – to be stationed in Cuba. To prevent various other weapons from entering the country, the US formed a naval blockade around the island. Having nuclear weapons commissioned this close to the continental USA raised the threat of Soviet attack; what once had taken half an hour for an attack had now been condensed down to a matter of minutes. As a fleet of Soviet ships urged on towards Cuba, the world began to fear of nuclear war. The American blockade, however, managed to deter the Soviet ships to turn back. An agreement was established between Soviet leader Khrushchev and President Kennedy shortly after. America pledged to not invade Cuba as long as the Soviets removed the missiles. To the relief of the world, nuclear war was obviated.


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